Transfer now to extend your domain by 1 year!*

* Excludes certain TLDs and recently renewed domains

You must make 3 simple steps:

1. Get the transfer code

In most zones for transfer would need the secret code domain (AuthInfo) - ask for it in the current registrar of the domain, or get him consent to transfer the domain.
If necessary, refine our ID to transfer your domain can be in the sales department [email protected]. Before the transfer domain (applies mainly to Ukrainian tlds) - be sure that you just listed owner. It is also important to register before the end of your domain remains enough time to complete the transfer process.

2. Pay

Many domain zones, the domain transfer automatically extended for 1 year, so often transfer fee - account will be automatically billed after order. The procedure for the transfer will begin after receipt of payment. If a free transfer, the domain name is not renewed, and the transfer of the domain will be initiated immediately after the completion of the order.

3. Complete transfer

To successfully transfer a domain in international and Ukrainian some tlds may require email - confirmation from the current domain owner and / or current domain registrar. On average, he takes a domain transfer 1 - 7 calendar days from the start of the transfer process, in some areas - up to 14 days. After the transfer of the domain you will be sent a message to the contact email.