As a rule, you cannot transfer an international domain if 60 days haven’t passed since the moment of your registration or the latest transfer.

This restriction is enforced by the registry of the existing domain zone.

To transfer a domain, you need to execute some actions.

To begin with, you need to inform your current registrar about your desire to transfer the domain and make sure they have nothing against it. Your current registrar should provide you with the data necessary to perform the transfer. In most cases, you need the transfer code to transfer your domain. 

As a rule, your current registrar can ask you to submit an application requesting to transfer the domain. They may also ask you to provide the copies of the first and the second page of your passport. Or the current registrar can ask you for the original of the official application form from the company owner of the domain name. Just in case, here’s our data for the transfer:

Our legal name: Limited Liability Company (LLCHOSTPRO LAB

Registrar’s identifier: UA.HOSTPRO

* In different domain zones, our transfer data can differ.

You can order the domain transfer in the Domains section → Transfer domains of our website.

In most domain zones, the transfer is paid. It’s paid because during the transfer the domain is automatically renewed (paid) for one year. So it’s technically impossible to do a transfer without prolonging and paying for it. 

After paying for the order, you need to compile an application to transfer the domain through the zone of the administrator to your current domain registrar. Depending on the domain zone, the duration and presence of some stages for domain transfer may differ:

- the necessity/possibility to confirm the transfer by the owner of the domain or the current registrar;

- availability and duration of the autotransfer period;

- checking the data of the person who ordered the domain transfer with the data of the domain owner.

After the transfer is completed, the domain makes a transition to the LLC HOSTPRO LAB service. On average, the transfer takes one to five days after the transfer procedure has been started. The transfer of international domain may take up to 14 days. When the transfer is completed, you receive a notification to your email address.   

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