In this article we would like to describe in details the procedure of certificates issuance with the organization validation (Organization validation certificate / OV) and SSL certificate with extended validation  (Extended validation certificate / EV). The procedure of these certificates issuance is almost identical. The key EV certificate (the certificate with the green bar) difference between other types of certificates is that it contains the so-called "green bar" - i.e., while opening website with such certificate installed,  a green line will appear in the address bar of the visitor's browser.  In the green bar you will see the organization name indicated for the SSL you are issuing (an example of such certificate can be seen on our website at OV/EV certificates are issued only to legal entities. The procedure of the company verification differs depending on the Certification Authority, but they all share the same basic verification procedures, namely:


1. Organization should be listed in the international yellow pages


2. The organization name should be mentioned in domain WHOIS-information information.


You may check domain WHOIS information at the following URL, also the company name specified in WHOIS-information should be the same as listed in unified state register of legal entities.


3. Certificate of state registration or listing  in the Unified State Register of legal entities (for legal entities from Ukraine Search query).


4. After that (in the case of SSL order from Comodo service provider), you must fill in two forms that are accessible from the URLs:


EV SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement EV


SSL Certificate Request Form - Simplified


and send it to [email protected] with the order number from the Certificate Authority in the subject line. The order number you may find in the emails from Comodo, and in addition, for this information you may contact our support service. Other SSL service providers (for example, Geotrust or Rapidssl) send all the necessary forms to fill in to the contact email address of your domain.


5. Verification Call - The SSL service provider calls the phone number  listed in Dun & Bradstreet international database of organizations and asks for the user who is listed in the administrative contact of the domain name. It is necessary for this person to know the order number provided by the Certificate Authority and confirm his order in English.


When issuing OV SSL certificate, in order to verify it by phone, an email will be sent to the technical contact address of the client with the URL to Comodo service provider portal. You will need to open the mentioned link and click on Call Me Now button, after that you will receive a 6-digit code to your contact number. You will need to enter the code on the vendor portal and then click Submit to complete the verification procedure.


6. The SSL service provider may also require you to confirm the ownership of the domain name. An email will be sent to the contact address with a form to confirm your domain name ownership, which will need to be forwarded to the SSL service provider.


Important! In all documents, information sources, CSR-request, WHOIS-information of the domain and other places, the company name and it’s contact details should be absolutely identical. Also, to speed up and simplify the process of EV certificate with a green bar  issuance, we recommend you to register a DUNS number for the company. DUNS is a kind of electronic passport of a legal entity. This condition is not mandatory and does not provide any guarantees for SSL certificate issuance, however the availability of the DUNS number simplifies the verification process by Certificate Authority. You can find this number and apply for a free receipt on the sites: Search for DUNS number and Apply for DUNS number


To change the phone number or company name (if your data does not match Dun & Bradstreet database), please contact the representative office of this organization in Ukraine


Contact phone number: +38 (044) 499 0099


Email Address: [email protected]


The application for the company information change is carried out within 3-24 working days.

The CAs can use an existing or new telephone listing from an acceptable third-party directory. Examples of these accepted directories include the Yellow Pages, Scoot,, etc. But keep in mind, the business name and physical address must be exactly the same.Note: Comodo will no longer accept third-party directories for this requirement, failing a search of an Online Government Database, Comodo will only accept POLs, Dun & Bradstreet reports or BBB listings.


If you have any questions regarding the process of certificate issuance, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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