When ordering hosting for your sites in our company for 1 year period or more, you receive one com.ua domain name for free for a period of 12 months.

Domain name .com.ua can be obtained free of charge only in conjunction with the hosting service purchase. The domain name is registered free of charge for 1 year only, further domain name renewal is paid by the customer separately from the hosting service.

Along with the purchase of hosting service you can also transfer your .com.ua domain to our registrar for free.


You can not change one free domain name to another one or get a free registration of the second domain.

When switching from one hosting plan to another one, registration of an additional domain name or renewal of the current domain is not provided for free.

You can transfer a free domain name to another registrar only after one year of hosting service using. If you need to transfer the domain before, you must pay the registration of this domain first.

This promotion does not apply to all VPS tariffs and servers.

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